Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's been awhile, sorry!!--The Mom

Well it has been awhile since I last posted, sorry! Nonetheless, Elder Rodriguez is doing good and growing each day. He his still in the same town with the same companion. I thought that I would post a letter that Elder Rodriguez sent to my Uncle and Aunt since the letters that he sends to me are mostly his wants and needs( I thought that I would have two years free of that, oh well).

Dear Aunt Joan and Uncle Klaus--

First off, I heard that Clint and Maryanne got the baby! How exciting to have a new family member. They must be crazy with happiness. About the writing letters, its OK. It just takes awhile for the letters to get to us because we only get them when the mission president comes down or during transfers, which is every 6 weeks. So its usually my bad, with the letter writing.
I heard about the blog, but I only been on it once, we are not really allowed to go onto other sites but, that might be one exception.
I love it here. It is funny that you say the field is ready to harvest because today I was reading in Jacob 5 about the Lords vineyard, then I compared missionaries to the servants. I like that section! My old companion, Elder Lyman left and now I have a Brazilian, his name is Elder Onofre and he is from Rio de Janero. He is real nice and loving. We have two baptisms in our area so far, which is great!
The area which I am in is called Murechal Rondom, and the city or my district is Bauru. I love the people here, especially the members of the ward. They are all real nice. We try to have fun activities every P-day but this P-day we are writing letters to our families. Next P-day we are going to the zoo. I also try to take pictures on P-days as well.
Well I'm not roasting nor chilling here, but more like dripping! It tends to rain a lot in my area but on the days that it is not raining it can get hot. In our area we walk but when we go to the Internet cafe or to our district meetings we take the bus.
At church we attend a ward or an alag. There is a pretty good amount of members who attend. On a regular basis on Sundays or Domingos, we have about 150 members show up. It stinks because we are the only missionaries in our area but I guess it is alright because that means we get a greater opportunity to teach more people.
My companion and I live in a small 3 bedroom house, one room is our study the other kitchen/laundry/bathroom and the other our bedroom. We don't get asked out for dinner a bunch but we have lunch with members everyday except for our P-days, so we do just fine.
It sounds that everyone is doing fine over there in Arizona. Yesterday I went on splits with an Elder from Arizona as well. Mesa in fact! I thought that was neato! Well Aunt Joan I think I answered all your questions. Thanks for the greenie package but by the time I received it I was not considered a greenie. I'm in my second transfer already but the package was a great moral booster. Well whenever you feel the need to write a letter you know who to write too!!
Love Elder Jordan Rodriguez