Monday, September 21, 2009

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Onofre

September 21, 2009

Iguazu Falls
Hey Mom!
Well this week did not go so good. I had a pimple under my arm and it became infected so bad that it affected my whole arm. So I had to go to the hospital and give myself treatments at night and take medicine. but I'm OK. I will spare you the gross details but the ordeal is not going to stop me from doing the lords work. Another bad thing happened was that the last would-be baptism did not happen so now I only have two under my belt but on a happy note is that we have so many investigators now that I have a native companion. His name is Elder Onofre and he is from Rio de Janerio, which is pretty cool. I'm speaking fluent Portuguese now(with a lot of errors). I learned that I may be here in the city of Bauru for 6 months or longer. If all the missionaries in the Londrina area get a baptism we will all go to the Christmas Conference at the Iguazu Falls, they are huge falls that were shown in the last Indiana Jones movie. That's nice that you helped AuntieAnn move, I figure that is you help people that when you need help they will help you. Our church building is the second largest building in our area, the first is the market. I love all the members here, they are super nice. All of them call me "menudo" or "Ricky Martin" because I told them that I am Puerto Rican, it's pretty funny. I really like Elder Onofre even though he is a neat freak. He is always going around cleaning everything but I love the guy. Our area is real humble as well( in referring to Cousin's mission in Mexico). The temple is 7 hours away right now so we don't get to go to it. Well please tell everyone hi and I love them. Love Elder Rodriguez

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

Well Elder Rodriguez has been doing really good out in the mission field. As of August 4, 2009 he has 3 baptisms under his belt(literally, he makes a notch on his belt for each baptism). Jordan says that it has rained a lot and that the food is great. Here is an excerpt of his letter that he sent today(via email): Dear Mom and Ivan----
It's hard to say what happens because there is so much to tell but I will tell you this, blessings do really come true. I have been praying that you would be financially well and that Chloe could get a job then the next thing I know you get money in the mail and there's a good chance that Chloe will be hired. All I can say is that you better get on your knees and thank you know who cause that is huge! I am excited to get the package, my companion, Elder Lyman was transferred and I have no one to speak English too or music to listen to when we are going to sleep. My new companion is Brazilian and its pretty intense cause I feel that I'm still not good with the language or my surroundings. However, I'll do OK. I have been traveling with the LEZ's zone leaders to other cities to do interviews. One last thing, I have not seen a monkey yet but once I do I'm jumping on it and throwing it in my backpack! Love you Elder Jordan Rodriguez