Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Letter from the MTC

Dear Family,

I'm doing just fine. Went proselyting and we handed out all our Book of Mormons. This one lady wanted us to go and teach her. But we told her that we were not the missionaries to talk to. She said that she would call the number in the book to have some missionaries in the field teach her. We took pictures today as a district. I realize that I am really gonna miss Elder Rezende. Elder Neilson is also real cool. He wants to me to go and live with him after the mission. I miss the beach. I'm glad I am not going to the Rio de Janeiro, that is where Elder Rezende is going. He is also from California, but lives in Arizona now. We have like the same type of friends, and his dad is Brazilian and my dad well you get the idea. I think that's why we are so tight. I am really going to miss him. We went to the Temple today and I brought some scriptures with the Sao Paulo Temple on them. They are cool. Mom, I am fine. I wear the armor of god and nothing could fade me. Hey did you know I have like the largest wetland in the world in my mission. Ya I did not know till last week. I will write Todd and Bradyn. I just hope they got my letters in time. Well gotta go, next time I type you I will be in the mission field. Love you mom

Elder Rodriguez

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 7

Dear Family,

Only 3 more weeks in the MTC until I get out of this hole. There is this kid in my room right now and his name is Elder Allred. He is singing along with a church song and he is doing it bad, so it is even worse! Again, can't wait till I get the heck out of here and to work.

That's good that you feed the missionaries. I hope I could get fed that good. I will probably be giving out pamphlets too to families. I think I told you that for the 4th of July we sang the Star Spangled Banner in the morning, outside our windows. it was early in the morning and it was fun/

The language is getting a bit better. Last Friday our district went proselyting and gave out 48 Book of Mormons. At first, I was a little panicked on the basis of talking to people with a language I have not yet mastered. But somehow, i gave out 4 with my companion. I am truly grateful for my companion because he helped me out when I needed help. I also need to work on not judging people as to how they look, cause I would not talk to scary-looking characters, but I need to realize that everyone is a child of God and that I have an important message to share.

I still have not received your package of candy, I fear that it is lost forever (Elder Rodriguez did receive the candy package a few days later and said it was definitely a morale booster!)

I want to tell you about some spiritual experiences I have had. One night I prayed that as a district we would be able to exercise our Priesthood powers. After this prayer, this blessing came upon all of us in my district. We all had a blessing of comfort come upon us. Everyone gave a blessing. I gave mine to Elder Nielson. He is really a neat elder. I was so happy to have this prayer answered almost immediately. It was truly a blessing. Another experience was when I fasted and prayed throughout the day for Mom to receive her job back, and as you know, that blessing came true too.

Tell Aunt DeAnn to write me. Tell her I only write to people who write to me. I received a email from Grandma Martha. Uncle Barry wrote to me and I'm sending him a letter today along with this one. My hand gets tried sometimes but I still persevere on writing.

I know I am here to serve the Lord, and I know my Savior Jesus Christ died for me. I love that I am here and that I will be spreading a word that is more important then everything. I am thankful for every one's help to me and my family. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love Elder Rodriguez

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A letter and email all in 1 week


The language is coming along. I go proselyting this Friday. Last Monday i did my first lesson in Portuguese. It was rough but I got through it. It's most likely that my first companion in the field is going to be a native. So I will have that same experience as Uncle Richy.
I do admit I am feeling homesick a lot lately but a good friend, Elder Rezende who is also from Mesa, Arizona, so we help each other out a lot. I take these tutoring classes that are helping me out. I feel I'm catching on to the language a bit better.
Ya, I miss Mom a lot too. You could let her read this part. Mom, I love you and I'm doing okay. It is good that you sold the piano. There is an elder here who plays amazing, his name is Elder Olsen. He will play at my wedding!
I went to the Sao Paulo Temple again today. It is a great experience every time. You can't help but feel the spirit there.
One of Todd's friends came in last Wednesday and we talked. It was cool to see a friend of a friend.

I love you guys. Bless you,
Elder Rodriguez


I feel I might be going slowly crazy in here but two more weeks. I leave on Ivan's birthday. August 4. I went proselyting and along with my companion I gave out 4 Book of Mormons. The best part was that it was pouring rain. The leaders say that when you work in the rain the the Lord blesses you with "hot" wives. Ha Ha so you know when it rains I'm working hard. Mom don't worry about me. Instead worry about the people of Brazil cause I'm gonna baptize the #@** out of them.
Mom, dad wrote me he said he was proud and helped me with home sickness. It's getting better slowly. Love you and Ivan. Please send me Todd's address

Love you,

Elder Rodriguez

Pictures from Jordan

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Excerpts from Elder Rodriguez's letters to family members

All the missionaries in my district went to the Police Station to get finger-printed.

My companion is Elder Bower. He is from Virginia.

There are about 400 missionaries or more in the MTC.

My district leaves the MTC on the 4th of August, Ivan's birthday.

The food is awesome.

When we go to the Temple we attend the English sessions so that we can understand what is being said.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Our district outside the Missionary Training Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sister Erika Guimaraes, one of our teachers here at the Sao Paulo, Brazil Missionary Training Center