Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2,2010 Its been 1 year already!

Dear everyone,
So this week was really eventful and good. So First off another baptism down the hatch and that just makes everyone feel good. Me and Miller are like sharks man we go out on the street and smell baptism. We have been marking a lot of baptisms for the fallowing weeks, We have baptized every week he has been with me and it is not about to change either. We baptized a little girl named Carolina and she was way happy and has been waiting a long time to be baptized. The one old lady Maria do Carmo who me and Onofre baptized is also real strong in the church. This last week there is a member and we went to her son's birthday and next thing you knew it turned into a huge cake fight. It got messy but it was real fun. i got pictures but it is a bit hard to send them at this lan house. So the world cup fever is hitting Brazil real hard now and everyone is going crazy to get these books of all the teams, then people buy stickers to put in them. Everyone has one and apparently your not cool unless you have one, so you can bet your bottom dollar i got one now. One of the missionaries left our district and it sorta sucked because he was a good kid, but that's the mission experience for ya. So basically for me and miller it is work work and more work, but this kid is funny as heck. Yesterday we were walking buy this catholic church and the had a statue of saint peter with his hands out and we put a book of Mormon in his hand, people were looking at us weird but it was so funny. There are a lot of churches or apostasies(that's what we call them)here in Brazil and it is crazy hard sometimes, but real easy too. More easy than hard actually. So that was basically the week for me not on the beach like the cuz(Cousin Bradyn) but sure feels like it. Tranquilidade!
Elder Rodriguez