Monday, November 9, 2009

Guess who had a birthday?!?!?! 11/08/09

Hello Everyone,

Man, do I have a lot to tell everyone! I got a transfer baby!! YA! I am now in Apucarana but I will tell you what went down on the last p-day until now. So after we used Internet on the last p-day we got a call that I was going to be transferred, where one of my good friends, Elder Nielson was . At this time I still didn't know who my companion was. Well when we got home I started packing my stuff and then I went and visited the families who are important to me. When we went and visited the first family I gave away my LiveStrong bracelet to a kid named Lucas. His family cried, he cried and I almost cried, so it was basically an emotional mess. The we went to Rogerio and Gracellas house( they live right next to us) he said that he would give me a ride to the bus station the next day which was way cool, and then we went to another family's house. These people we are teaching and I paid for their wedding. I did not really want to leave Bauru but I sort of want to visit new areas, so it was bittersweet. I told the people that I would visit them which I plan on doing. The next morning we went to the rodoviara( bus station) and said goodbye to Rogerio. I then went to Marilia and I saw another good missionary friend, Elder Pumphry who also was in my district but he did not get a transfer, we switched buses there and then went to Londrina. On the way there Elder Aider( he is also from Mesa) told me a story called The Kimberly Story, look it up, it is a good one( I didn't sleep too good for two days because of this story). We were able to see the movie Ice Age 3 on the bus :). When we got to Londrina Elder Yury and I got some food and juice and then left to our new area in Apucarana( which is close to Londrina). Got to our area and saw Elder Nielson and had to give him a huge hug, then I met my companion! My companion's name is Elder M.Roch. He is from Brazil but man, do I love him. He is so chill and not strict. We got our bags and headed into the house. The house is huge!! The night before the house was broken into, so you can imagine how I slept this week. Our ward is real small and guess what, I'm 20 now! Weird!!All in all I like Apucarana except maybe for the giant hills!!

--------Elder Rodriguez

P.S. Hey Mom my birthday was fine, Ive had better. It looks like my picture had a better one than the actual person but Im good. Way to make me homesick! Ivan looks like HotRod and wow he looks like a giant now! And to answer his question i would be a Grizzly Bear( Ivan wanted to know what kind of Bear would he be)