Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

Well Elder Rodriguez has been doing really good out in the mission field. As of August 4, 2009 he has 3 baptisms under his belt(literally, he makes a notch on his belt for each baptism). Jordan says that it has rained a lot and that the food is great. Here is an excerpt of his letter that he sent today(via email): Dear Mom and Ivan----
It's hard to say what happens because there is so much to tell but I will tell you this, blessings do really come true. I have been praying that you would be financially well and that Chloe could get a job then the next thing I know you get money in the mail and there's a good chance that Chloe will be hired. All I can say is that you better get on your knees and thank you know who cause that is huge! I am excited to get the package, my companion, Elder Lyman was transferred and I have no one to speak English too or music to listen to when we are going to sleep. My new companion is Brazilian and its pretty intense cause I feel that I'm still not good with the language or my surroundings. However, I'll do OK. I have been traveling with the LEZ's zone leaders to other cities to do interviews. One last thing, I have not seen a monkey yet but once I do I'm jumping on it and throwing it in my backpack! Love you Elder Jordan Rodriguez

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