Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 21,2010

well hello everyone,

I'm doing terrific not only because of conference but because i got the packages. it was awesome to have them finally and i got a butt load of candy which is awesome. grandma got the camera and dad got the package of the shirt and the beef jerky and the pen drive and Annie Anne(Aunt DeAnn) thanks for the candy. nice! So conference was Good and i was not really paying attention because i just wanted my packages so i eventually got them which was cool. i also got a boatload of cards too which i will reply too to. The week has been cruising smoothly and guess what? we are going to baptise that 65 year old lady this week. that is not it, the other missionaries are going to baptize too which will be cool. This whole week we have ben keeping on top of that lady so the devil wont have a chance on her, and so far it has been working. Yesterday i said hi to a lady and she yelled at me!! man, sometimes there are just weird people here in Brazil. but you know a mission would not be a mission without these things ha ha. the weeks have been pretty hot and one night a car almost hit me again but I'm fine. with my cat like reflexes nothing can touch this hahaha. so it has been going good here an I will try to send some pics to you.

love Elder Rodriguez