Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

hello everyone,

so this week went great cause there was a baptism this week heck yes! We baptized maria do carmo which was awesome. This week was good cause we ran into a bunch of gold investigators with only minor problems. There is this one kid who is the nephew of maria do carmo and he is good to go and baptize, we just got to get him to church. So the baptism went real good we threw this fiesta afterwards and she loved it. We also spent so much money on it too i only have 50 reis until probably next p-day or something. but the money is not the big problem, were going good as long as the miracles keep on coming along. So yesterday i went on splits with another missionary and it was tough. i only got a couple of lessons, and because of yesterday now i know how hard it is to be a senior companion. but I'm ready. Yesterday it stormed like crazy during a lesson and it was windy and it even started to hail it was crazy. The aftermath was nuts too you just see all these trees ripped out these stores all broked, buses broken, all the lights were out. So when this happened we left. It was a bit funny cause we could not see but everyone could see us(because of our white shirts) so we just went home. the week went well and we might baptize some kids this week too yesssss! awesome week
love, elder rodriguez

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