Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Letter from the MTC

Dear Family,

I'm doing just fine. Went proselyting and we handed out all our Book of Mormons. This one lady wanted us to go and teach her. But we told her that we were not the missionaries to talk to. She said that she would call the number in the book to have some missionaries in the field teach her. We took pictures today as a district. I realize that I am really gonna miss Elder Rezende. Elder Neilson is also real cool. He wants to me to go and live with him after the mission. I miss the beach. I'm glad I am not going to the Rio de Janeiro, that is where Elder Rezende is going. He is also from California, but lives in Arizona now. We have like the same type of friends, and his dad is Brazilian and my dad well you get the idea. I think that's why we are so tight. I am really going to miss him. We went to the Temple today and I brought some scriptures with the Sao Paulo Temple on them. They are cool. Mom, I am fine. I wear the armor of god and nothing could fade me. Hey did you know I have like the largest wetland in the world in my mission. Ya I did not know till last week. I will write Todd and Bradyn. I just hope they got my letters in time. Well gotta go, next time I type you I will be in the mission field. Love you mom

Elder Rodriguez

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