Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 7

Dear Family,

Only 3 more weeks in the MTC until I get out of this hole. There is this kid in my room right now and his name is Elder Allred. He is singing along with a church song and he is doing it bad, so it is even worse! Again, can't wait till I get the heck out of here and to work.

That's good that you feed the missionaries. I hope I could get fed that good. I will probably be giving out pamphlets too to families. I think I told you that for the 4th of July we sang the Star Spangled Banner in the morning, outside our windows. it was early in the morning and it was fun/

The language is getting a bit better. Last Friday our district went proselyting and gave out 48 Book of Mormons. At first, I was a little panicked on the basis of talking to people with a language I have not yet mastered. But somehow, i gave out 4 with my companion. I am truly grateful for my companion because he helped me out when I needed help. I also need to work on not judging people as to how they look, cause I would not talk to scary-looking characters, but I need to realize that everyone is a child of God and that I have an important message to share.

I still have not received your package of candy, I fear that it is lost forever (Elder Rodriguez did receive the candy package a few days later and said it was definitely a morale booster!)

I want to tell you about some spiritual experiences I have had. One night I prayed that as a district we would be able to exercise our Priesthood powers. After this prayer, this blessing came upon all of us in my district. We all had a blessing of comfort come upon us. Everyone gave a blessing. I gave mine to Elder Nielson. He is really a neat elder. I was so happy to have this prayer answered almost immediately. It was truly a blessing. Another experience was when I fasted and prayed throughout the day for Mom to receive her job back, and as you know, that blessing came true too.

Tell Aunt DeAnn to write me. Tell her I only write to people who write to me. I received a email from Grandma Martha. Uncle Barry wrote to me and I'm sending him a letter today along with this one. My hand gets tried sometimes but I still persevere on writing.

I know I am here to serve the Lord, and I know my Savior Jesus Christ died for me. I love that I am here and that I will be spreading a word that is more important then everything. I am thankful for every one's help to me and my family. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love Elder Rodriguez

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