Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A letter and email all in 1 week


The language is coming along. I go proselyting this Friday. Last Monday i did my first lesson in Portuguese. It was rough but I got through it. It's most likely that my first companion in the field is going to be a native. So I will have that same experience as Uncle Richy.
I do admit I am feeling homesick a lot lately but a good friend, Elder Rezende who is also from Mesa, Arizona, so we help each other out a lot. I take these tutoring classes that are helping me out. I feel I'm catching on to the language a bit better.
Ya, I miss Mom a lot too. You could let her read this part. Mom, I love you and I'm doing okay. It is good that you sold the piano. There is an elder here who plays amazing, his name is Elder Olsen. He will play at my wedding!
I went to the Sao Paulo Temple again today. It is a great experience every time. You can't help but feel the spirit there.
One of Todd's friends came in last Wednesday and we talked. It was cool to see a friend of a friend.

I love you guys. Bless you,
Elder Rodriguez


I feel I might be going slowly crazy in here but two more weeks. I leave on Ivan's birthday. August 4. I went proselyting and along with my companion I gave out 4 Book of Mormons. The best part was that it was pouring rain. The leaders say that when you work in the rain the the Lord blesses you with "hot" wives. Ha Ha so you know when it rains I'm working hard. Mom don't worry about me. Instead worry about the people of Brazil cause I'm gonna baptize the #@** out of them.
Mom, dad wrote me he said he was proud and helped me with home sickness. It's getting better slowly. Love you and Ivan. Please send me Todd's address

Love you,

Elder Rodriguez

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