Monday, August 10, 2009


Dear Family----
This is the last letter to you from the MTC. Went proselyting again, in the rain but it was still fun. We got out all our Books of Mormons. We talked to some bums( homeless people) and to some other people but it was all good. We also went to a city walk which was like Wall Street of Sao Paulo so we were talking to a bunch of business people. I'm definitely going to get a hot wife because it rains like crazy here. It has been raining for 4 days straight. We went to the temple this last P-day and I bought some nice Portuguese scriptures with a case that has the Sao Paulo temple on it. My Portuguese is coming along OK, I guess but I will really find out when I leave the MTC. Man, I cant wait to get out of this MTC! I am really excited to go out into the field. I also hope that my companion is cool. Last Tuesday I sang a solo for a devotional and I thought I did OK, it was real cool. I am going to ask if I could do another solo this Sunday for a prelude. Don't worry about me, I have Heavenly Father on my side along with Jesus Christ. That's as good as a bullet proof vest! ----Love Elder Jordan Rodriguez

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