Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

Elder Rodriguez goofing around, as usual!

Hey Mom!
I'm good! I have a lot of emails to write so this is gonna be short. Today for P-day I might buy a guitar or a pipa(kite). They have crazy kite battles like on the Kite Runner!! This past week we ate lunch at this lady's house and she served us this substitute coffee and it was gross. I tied to make it taste better by putting sugar in it but she just filled it with more coffee stuff so I had to drink even more of the gross stuff. Tell Aunt Shellie that I met up with the elder that she and Kyle knows. Its crazy that his mom and Aunt Shellie are like best friends. He also knows Danielle and a lot of people that we knew from our old ward( our old neighbor from Corona). The baptism went well and I will send more info on that next week. Here are a few pictures, I will send more. I love you

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Tatica said...

Congratulations on your first baptism! Natalia.