Monday, December 14, 2009

12/14 Good Bye Elder M.Rocha Hello New Companion(we dont know his name)

Hey everyone,
Well transfers went on this week and it was ah, well it was interesting week. Well it started out sad cause man my companion, Elder M.Rocha was leaving. He is seriously my best and favorite companion and it stinks to lose him. Well the day came and it was hard but he took off. I went with elder Yuri and Nielsen and the day before was p-day, and they were in Londrina so they did not have a p-day so they had one with me. so in reality i had 2 p-days. it was pretty legit. the next day i went on a service project with elder Nielsen and Yuri to help them out well you know me I'm just rel nice like that.The service project was alright it was just pulling weeds and knocking beehives. Ya that's right i said knocking beehives! It was pretty intense. We knocked them then ran it was also pretty funny. Elder Yuri got stung but he is alright. ha ha after the service project we went straight to the house and i was so busy that i forgot my shoes at the house, my good ones too. We booked straight to the rodoviaria or the bus station to get my companion. We did not even change to our church clothes. Now my new companion, A lot of the elders have stories about him, and not good too. they all say that he is pretty feminine, or other words gay real gay. Well he got here and did not appear gay he actually is OK,but pretty gay too. I'm actually missing Elder Onfre now, but one thing i learn on the mission is to get along with people. At some times it is hard but hey, no one said life is easy. Well this week i was a bit lost with where the streets were and what not because my old companion was good with these type of things but now i think I'm good. Our numbers were also kinda in the dumps but this week were gonna get them back up. This last week we helped one of the missionaries with there baptisms and saw a fresh dead dog, blood was coming out of that bad boys head like crazy, it was pretty nuts but another thing only a week and a couple of day's till i call the family so that is good. remember to give me your numbers to aunt DeAnn's house or grandmas either one is good.with love,elder Rodriguez p.s. hey mom i will call on 25 probably around 12 1 or 2 or 3 so I'm not sure just be at there house the hole day.

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