Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Im Sick!!!!

hey everyone,
I'm not good. I've been sick for like 3 days and have not gotten better. I have a headache, sore throat, my ears hurt, and my body aches. it really stinks. I couldn't even get a good nights sleep but I'm pushing through this thing. So besides the sickness i have been doing good. The week went real good. We are going to have a sweet baptism this Saturday. We are going to baptize a girl who is 20, named Lais. It is gana be intense. I'm way excited. transfers will also end this week and i will hopefully get all my packages here. One of the assistants came down this week and checked out our area, and i made a miracle happen. Me and the assistants companion were way far and we had to catch a bus what was basically impossible to catch,but we cought that bad boy. It was intense and i almost died a couple of times, but i managed to dodge the cars. Luckily it has not rained in a while which makes the days a bit hot here. I also got soom new shoes and bought some yucky medicine for my sickness. i think i got the swine. i feel like i have been going crazy lately but this is sickness for ya. well I'm gonna get some rest and get better hopefully. love everyone
i miss you and need you. my head hurts and I'm so sick. it blows not having someone to take care of you. but i look at your picture and it makes me feel better. my plans for Easter is to watch conference. My area is really good and also has a lot of hills but I'm good here. londrina is in a state called Parana, but in in Sao Paulo now. remember how big my mission map was well now our mission is like a quarter of that, but it is nice. it is like Texas but more green and not as hot.