Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 24, 2010

hey everyone,

So this week i know my password and what not so I'm happy again. I got my stuff from the support people in Utah so now I'm real good and it is nuts to respond to all these letters. So the week went really well. The thing what popped out to me was that the spirit rocks. Dude me and onofre have been working hard and getting good people like no other. The lord has been seriously hooking us up with some awesome people. So we also marked a lot of people for baptism too. Next month is only going to be water! At least i hope. This morning today we went ahead and played soccer with the Brazilians vs the Americans. it was intense and i managed to get some goals in. it was real fun and good too kick back with no pressure. Oh so elder onofre has a fear of dogs because he was bit and a pitbull chased him on the mission. So whenever we go into a house with a dog i have to protect him, haha jk but it is real funny to see him. One night we went to a family we are working with and the guys boxer attacked his Chihuahua. It sorta sucked but it was also nut's. so I'm in need of some new shoes cause my shoes are dead and my feet kill so send money in my account. But the work is going real good and tonight is gonna be epic!
love, elder Rodriguez
p.s. hey mom
so I'm good as you can tell and that stinks but is good that you can spend more time with Ivan now. I think you should do the same thing as me and get lost in the work. Mom please put a bit more money in my account, my feet kill. I swear when i get back I'm going to the spa and the chiropractor. Well gotta recharge today for the week mom. love you lots, hey did grandma sell her boat i love that thing, well peace out mom.

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