Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We are up and running!!!

Sorry to those that follow Elder Rodriguez's blog but the editor has been busy and with no computer but we have fixed that problem! So back to the good stuff!!

March 10, 2010 - Letter received this day also, check bottom of this e-mail.

ok ok Hi everyone,So yeah got transferred. I´m in Presidente Prudente, and the ward here is great. The people here are great, it is just good here. The house what we live in is even great. We live with 4 missionaries in the same house so it is always fun. We always have something to mess around and goof off. Haha. Don’t even get me started with the showers. They feel so good and hit hard, it is way nice. So it is confirmed that elder Onofre is my new companion again which is good cause man do we throw out power lessons. We are both like lez's here (Zone leaders) in our area so it gives us a butt load of responsibility to make sure that all the other young bucks are doing everything right and well. We have to set a good example too, which we have been doing. So we have some real good investigators here too, which only need the step to either marry or stop smoking. I only wish that everyone was like my one baptism of Israel, and they could just stop everything in one day, but it does not work like that.

So the past days have been real hot, and I forgot to mention our area has a butt load of hills too but it is ok, cause my legs are like crazy strong now. The members are cool and we made friends real quick with them. They are all pretty cool. Today we had lunch with some investigators and have family home evening with them too. So the rest of the week shall go smooth. We have a lot of people progressing, and it looks like there will be quite a few baptisms on the way. So keep us in your prayers. Oh ya our area has a lot of pigeons and one pooped on Onofre’s back during a lesson. You gotta watch out these days. haha We will have stake conference this Sunday so I might get a package or a letter or something, I hope. haha Well that was about what happened this week. loveElder Rodriguez p,.s. hey grandma)onofre is a good guy and we work good together b)me and Hyte did the prank together c) did not get the camera yet d) my p-days are still on Wednesdays. love ya grandma keep you guys in my prayers for good. love , Jordan

The following is a letter dated February 18, 2010 – thought it was good and wanted to share it with everyone:

Hey Grandma and Grandpa,
Well, got your letters and the Valentine package. It was good but kind of messy (chocolate does not send good). Well, I’m writing you during study right now cause I can. I have to ask you “how have you been blessed by obeying a specific commandment (for example, tithing)?” So in your next letter answer that. I wish we had more study time activities like this but that won’t happen. Through this one at least I could send some out. I’m going to send some of my friends letters, especially Bishop Wold.
Well, as you might learn my arm is doing well. We also marked a baptism and we reactivated an old investigator. Me and my companion are really confident and wanna get baptisms like crazy now. We got this desire after Conference here, which was two days ago. Conference was really good and we learned a lot. I feel like it recharges a missionary and makes them want to work like no other, sorta how I feel now. Over this last week, I learned how wonderful the mission truly is.
A missionary named Elder Paulsen (from El Paso), told a personal experience about how he and his companion prayed on the front of a street, to run into a person who could be baptized. The second house they hit, they baptized. This story as you might know is real similar on how the missionaries met with Great-Grandma Wilton in New Zealand. I stopped and thought about how the gospel has blessed my life. It all started with God and our creation, then he sent prophets to save people, then Jesus Christ here to start the church. Imagine if none of this happened, I wouldn’t be here on the mission. I wouldn’t be here if those two missionaries had not knocked on my Grandma’s door in New Zealand. And now because of those two missionaries, my children, my children’s children, my children’s children’s children will serve missions and save nations to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. A missionary has to power to save millions. As they say “A butterfly’s flutter, can cause a typhoon half way across the world.” – Chaos theory.
Well, it is not a theory to me cause it will happen. Well we also baptized a kid named William which was good too and that he went to Aaronic Priesthood camp. He is really doing good. His mom is a recent convert too, but I did not baptize her.This last P-day was good. We ate at McDonalds then went bowling afterwards. It was real fun. We were in Centro and got a couple of pictures. I’ll send some more next P=day. Well, got to run, hope this letter was good for you. Love you and everyone there. Love Jordan. PS Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

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