Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 17, 2010

hey everyone,

sorry i did not get your e-mails because i forgot my new address. I had it down but everyone was rushing me to get out of the house to use Internet and next thing you know i forgot my planner in the house so it sorta stinks like the guy who is sitting next to me. So i will write down my new account: so now you know i just need to find out how to get into the dang thing. Well besides now the week went real good. We got some really good lessons down and marked down some people. I also blew a lot of money on magic. There is this one magic guy in this market and he has all these cool magic tricks and me and onofre bought a bunch of them. So now in lessons we show people and there kids mostly our magic skills. It is funny to see there reactions to the tricks and what not. There were also some other days in this week when it poured. it rained unstoppable this week. The other night me and onofre we walking in the rain down this one road and there was like an antenna next to us and a bolt of lightning hit it. PEOPLE! we were close. me and onofre were so scared we ran to each other man. it was also loud as heck. So it rained a lot and we got soaked, i even made a trash bag vest thing what looked legit. We also had interviews this last Sunday with the president and those went good. The pres. said that i will need to learn how to take care of an area, and what that meant is that i will turn into a senior companion soon. I'm pretty nervous but it will be cool. All the other missionaries are fine, so if i haven't told anyone i live in a sweet house with 3 other missionaries making it a grand total of 4 dudes in the same house. Whenever we are in the house we just play pranks on each other. Right now we are all in a prank war so it is nuts. Last night i changed every ones clocks a hour ahead, and in the morning we made a deal if we did not wake up on time that we could splash each other with water, so this morning i got everyone. hahaha so ya it is going good, not sure if we got baptisms coming up, but we will.

love, Jordan

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