Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2nd Week in the MTC

Hey Mom,

Things are great. Just another P-day. So ya emailing that's cool, Ivan read my letter. Dad just needs to reply to me. Ya I miss Ivan a lot. He is like my best friend. Unfortunately I am turning into a church nerd. My companion is like a dark shadow over me. Follows me everywhere even to the bathroom. Sometimes I feel like giving him a fat lip. Then I ask myself if that's Christ like and I learned to love him. So you know we get along but he is not a person I would hang out with. The food is awesome. I'm getting fat so I'm gonna drink some local water and get a parasite to lose weight. Bishop was right about the awesome language. All the Brazilians think I am Brazilian but then I tell them I'm puerto rican. Whenever I think of Ivan and how much fun we had I start to cry a bit or tear up. Also when I think of you too. So ya, a bit home sick but I learned to emerge myself with the work. You'll be getting blessings real quick as long as I'm doing the work of the Lord. It's really hard sometimes but I'm all good. People look up to me. I've had several of my roommates tell me that they look up to me. It's weird. I guess that patriarchal blessings are from our Father in Heaven. Great Stuff. I'm gonna mail you a letter. You'll get it!! Love you Mom
Elder Rodriguez

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