Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Letter

Hey Mom,

How you doing? Well I'm just gonna start from the beginning. Ok so after I got off the airplane in Dallas I took the tram to get to my gate. Once I got there (after walking 2 miles) I did straight what you told me to do call you. Well, I got to the phone and tried calling. Well the stupid thing didn't work. After trying persistently to call I heard this lady yelling, so I turned around and looked and she kept yelling, so I looked to the left then to the right and realized that she was yelling at me. So I walked over and she was yelling Elder, ha ha. I guess I was not used to the word "Elder" yet. Just think for the next two years my name will be Elder, weird. So then I called you. After I called I saw all the Elders and one Sister eating at McDonald's (one of the Elders in my room, last name is McDonald) We all meet which was nice but then our flight was delayed from 7:30pm to 10:30pm and we were all there since 4:00pm. So we played games and got to know each other. Well we even rode the tram 2 times around the airport. After a while we finally got on the plane and flew over down to Sao Paulo. When we were driving you could see nothing but skyscrapers littering the land. I never seen that may ever in my life. When we first pulled up to the MTC it looked like a prison but once inside it was nice. We ate lunch and man they got some good food!! Then we had an orientation thing telling us want to do and want we were going to be doing. Some of the missionaries were teasing us and talking to us in Portuguese, even when we knew not a word. So during the orientation thing the old Elder guy doctor told us they had monkeys in the market and not to touch it. Who in there right mind is not gonna touch it. You know I might even buy it. Some of the missionaries say the first 3 days are hard but I think it's easy and fun. Love you peace.

Elder Rodriguez

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