Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week 3 in the MTC

Hey Mom,

My week went good. I just need to learn the language. I'm struggling with it pretty bad, so make sure you keep me in your prayers. I'm watching want I eat so i don't get big. Bradyn (cousin) sent me a letter. I email Todd (friend) every P-day. Myself and another Elder, Elder Rezende, who's from Mesa, AZ got some of our Brazilian elders to teach us cappuerra. Todd will be in for a surprise when I show him my skills. "I feel like a monkey in a pinata waiting for the kids to break me open and take all the candy (show Ivan this) in the MTC". I just want out and a new companion.
That candy and toy idea sounds like a good idea. My second P-day I saw some kids asking for money and I felt compelled to get them some treats. So, I got them some. One of the boys reminded me of Ivan so I thought I would do anything for him. Then I knew how to love everyone. Mom I love you, you will always know that.

Love, Elder Rodriguez

PS: I can't take pictures out of the MTC but this P-day I am going to take some anyways. I'll develop them at a photo shop around the corner. I have enough cards, ha ha they have a thing here for downloading, but I forgot my camera at the dorm. Ya, I would have to say that the cousins are my sisters. Awe the "poppy" (Rocco the dog) you gotta send a picture of him. The work thing is good, just that I don't sleep in anymore-just nap here and there. I wake at 6:00am and go to bed at 10:30pm. Love ya Mom

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