Monday, December 28, 2009


Well this is how this week went down!
First off this week was great because I got to talk with everyone and it just felt real good. Conference was a bit boring but it then it got good at the end, we got to see all our old companions, I was able to see Elder Lyman which he is doing great and I got to see Elder Onofre too. Elder Onofre told me some real good news that made my day. He told me that he baptized a family that we were teaching and it went good. He even showed me a picture which made me tear up. It feels real good to see the work you put into people finally pays off. At the end of conference they had a play and gave a bunch of lame presents but it didn't matter because its the meaning of the gifts that matters most.
On Christmas Eve I did something what made my Christmas the best. In our district we have an Elder who does not like his companion very much and on Christmas eve everyone in the district was to spend the night in the centro with everyone at the same house. However, this certain companion did not want to go and was throwing a fit about it. So I did the ultimate sacrifice(not really but it was a sacrifice) I gave my Christmas eve to my friend. It felt good to give someone my Christmas.
The following day was of course Christmas and it was pretty awesome. We had a BBQ and then we went to the bus station to call up the family. I first called up my mom and her family which was awesome. Ivan started crying, that shows he got s heart and it felt good to me. Everyone there talked to me and it was great. I then called my dad. I basically told him about all my experiences and he was proud of me. I was able to call my grandma Martha too because I know she would freak if I didn't call her too. It was cool to hear that my aunt Bianca is getting married and I was able to talk to them in Portuguese and they understood. The calls felt real good and real relieving for me. Basically the rest of the week we did nothing, visit a couple of members and that was it. I now feel that home is like the celestial kingdom. You cant see it, yet you know how great it is and you have to serve an honorable mission to get back there.
Well to everyone have a happy new year! hahaha Love Elder Rodriguez

hey Mom! it was good to hear your voice too. I was also with smiles the whole day too. Christmas was real good, spent it with the Elders in my district. I also ate nothing but chocolate too. It was great to eat American chocolate. Well thanks for being an awesome mom, mom. Love you bunches Jordan.